Reserving the Villa

In order to guarantee the villa reservation, the wire transfer & paperwork must be received within 24-48hrs of the Rental Agreement being sent. If payment is not received within this time, the villa is re-opened to other potential renters. Villa payment is non-refundable. In the event of a hardship cancellation, renter may defer the rental for no more than 6 months.  Copy of passport or an ID with a photo should be sent with the signed rental agreement.

Extraneous Circumstances

In the event of an unforeseen situation with the villa, which is beyond the control of Sea Horse Ranch, guests will be accommodated to the best capabilities of Sea Horse Ranch. Guests must understand that Sea Horse Ranch does not hold a refund policy for extraneous circumstances.

Credit Card Voucher

Upon arrival, guests must provide ONE open credit card voucher for consumptions on the premises. The card used for this must belong to the person who signed the Rental Agreement, and is, therefore, responsible for honoring the payment. It is understood that it is impossible to split the consumptions amongst additional credit cards.


Guests are responsible for any damages they cause to the villa during their stay. The credit card voucher that is opened upon arrival will be used to cover these costs. It is understood that pets are not allowed in the rental program.

Cancellation of a lease

Sea Horse Ranch holds the right to terminate any lease without refund for guests who disrupt the community, or entertain activities unbecoming of a family community, while on the premises.

Friends of the Environment

Sea Horse Ranch is an energy conscious and environmentally friendly community. We invite all our guests to help us maintain this standard by conserving energy (turning off all air-conditioning units, lights and fans while not in use).

Guests beyond the villas’ capacity

Additional guests (more than the villa’s capacity) must pay US$50.00 per day. Additional guests also affect the cost of certain Concierge Services These charges will be applied to the open credit card voucher.

Guest Registry

In order to maintain security at Sea Horse Ranch, we request the names of each person staying in the villa. Unregistered guests will not be permitted on the premises. If you will have a visitor you must ask for a special pass with your guest name in the Administration Office.